What is a sustainable building centre?

A sustainable building centre can answer all your questions about a sustainable home. Often this happens through the municipality where you live. They can also give advice on how to make your home as sustainable as possible at the lowest possible cost. But they also know the right ways to go about applying for a subsidy. You would be crazy if you do everything yourself to pay. Or you should have enough money. There are several sustainable ways to generate energy. Depending on the size of your plot, you will be advised on them. More and more new ideas are being developed. To find out if they work and if you can get a subsidy, go to your municipality.

What can you do at a sustainable building centre?

A sustainable building centre employs people who understand sustainability. Together with you they look at the possibilities for your house. This may be the installation of a water pump. But there is also the possibility of solar panels. In addition, you can also ask questions about the plot you have. In some cases it can also be useful to place solar panels in the grass. The surplus can often be returned to the supplier. Your investment usually pays for itself within 5 to 10 years. When you start delivering energy back to the grid, you might even end up earning some money from it. Many people already earn their holiday money with this.

Why do people go here?

More and more people are going to a sustainable building centre. This is because the rules and subsidies change regularly. There is also pressure from the European Union so that municipalities get more and more budget. When the climate targets are not achieved this can lead to high fines. Therefore, they are going to finance more and more sustainable projects. This has the advantage for you that the subsidy will be higher. But there are also more and more new ways to become sustainable. Of course you want to know if this is useful for you. Also in this case they give a free advice. So you know how you can improve the world.

The advantages of a sustainable building centre in the municipality

The big advantage of a sustainable building centre is that you can ask all your questions. Making a house more sustainable is not cheap. In most cases it costs a few thousand to ten thousand euros. Of course you want to do it right the first time so you are prepared for the future. But you also don't want to have to pay for everything yourself. They give advice on what you can do with which budget. There are also free tools available to make your house more sustainable. Take for example the energy-saving box. With this you can already take a number of small steps. But the municipalities also have contacts with solar panel suppliers. Often you get a subsidy.


You can go to the sustainable building counter to get started with sustainability. They help you support and see if they can find a pot of money for you. But they can also suggest cheap alternatives. Not everyone has a bank account full of money. And yet we will all have to contribute. Otherwise this can lead to large fines from the European Union. And this is what the government wants to prevent. Switching to an electric car is also a sustainable option. You can also generate this energy with solar panels. Petrol is one of the biggest contributors to CO2 emissions. In many municipalities they only want to allow electric cars in 2030. All this if it becomes affordable for everyone. Because there is not such a large second hand market yet.

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